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tv   [untitled]    May 18, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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>> because there are a number of people here, the supervisor has requested that we continue action on that item until a future date. i'm happy to speak more about that as well. >> commissioner sugaya. commissioner sugaya: move to approve item number two, two two two -- >> that is item number one. no. 2 is a consent item. >> oh, so move. greg second. cracks on -- >> on the consent
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to move item -- commissioner sugaya: aye. commissioner wu: aye. commissioner antonini: aye. president fong: aye. item number two is considered to be routine and would be acted upon by a single roll call a convention. there would be no discussion of this item, as a member of the commission or a member of the public requested be removed from content and be considered at a future separate hearing. the item is a request for a conditional use authorization in a commercial zoning district. this item is before you for your
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consideration. president fong: any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. -- seeing none, commissioner miguel? >no. -- commissioner miguel: move approval with conditions. >> move approval with conditions. commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner wu: aye. commissioner miguel: aye. commissioner sugaya: aye. president fong: aye. item number 3 is a consideration of a number of draft motions. and following any public -- falling public comment and any modifications, we do ask that you draft modification. i would state for the record that i have received prior to the hearing some corrections for the may 3rd draft from
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commissioner sugaya. those corrections will be incorporated in the final motion. >> public comment? commissioner borden. correction. on april 12th, page four under my command. it's as i will say a lot more about -- just piggyback on commissioner miguel, that sentence. that city hall fellows program. it should not say "has a" and after program it should say "is." >> it is -- ok.
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the city hall fellows program is a recently graduated college student. thank you. president fong: is there a motion to approv so moved. >> second. >> commissioners, on the motion to approve the draft minutes with the corrections for april 12th, 2012, and may 3rd, 2012. commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner borden: aye. commissioner miguel: aye. commissioner sugaya: aye. commissioner wu: aye. president fong: aye. thank you, commissioners. the draft is adopted as corrected. are there any other commission matters? president fong: commissioner antonini? commissioner antonini: i want to thank commissioner wu for requesting never get zoning maps for first meetings.
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it has been very helpful and i have enough space in my office to actually put it out. i have asked to talk to secretary avery and by the she has talked to director ram about it, i hearing in the future where we could have -- about a hearing in the future where we could have a discussion about the zoning categories for the benefit of the commissioners and for the public. i think there are questions that would come up and it would make it easier for people to understand what is going on what we are discussing these differences of what is an nc and what isa ct and there are also a lot of special use districts. i think it would be helpful during one of our sessions to go over that. that is what i would suggest calendaring and i would like
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to see if we have agreement with the other commissioners along those lines. i do not need an answer right now, but the other two things i want to suggest are a couple of extremely good books that i became aware of and am reading this week. the first one was mentioned in the book section of the chronicle. it is the future of the american city by alan aaron hart. it deals with something that we see a lot of, that is, urban areas are a lot more desirable than they were 20 or 30 years ago when people were trying to get as far away from urban areas as they could. this is not just a phenomenon in san francisco or in the united states, but worldwide. and it has been happening for the last two hundred or 300 years in the world as opposed to the last 50 years or so when suburbanization began. i've only finished about 1/3 of
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it, but he makes some really good point and it is very good reading. and the other one is "in the sand." the author has written about the story of the sunset from about 18531965 and how that area was reclaimed -- from about 1850 through 1955 and how that area was reclaimed and the people involved in settling the area and the housing and the builders, and a lot of transit stories. it is an extremely good book to read. it talks about the history of a significant portion of san francisco. commissioner miguel: i have finished "the future of the american city americanear
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henhearts -- of the american city" earenheart's first book. i disagree a little bit mainly inearenheart's first book.
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may 4th says the academy of art university luncheon honoring etc., etc. and speeches were made and ed lee stopped by and proclaimed our university "a beautiful institution" that has "done so much to fill vacancies in our city." is the mayor on board with this commission is my question we now that the academy of art has had multiple numbers of violations, not only in the planning code,
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but also building code violations, code violations, and sidewalk inclosure violations. some of those have been corrected over the years, however, there is still an outstanding member of conditional use of violations that this commission has not taken up. because there is supposedly an environmental -- that environmental view because of the master plan, they keep buying additional properties, which continues to delay and the ability of the commission to take up the issues. i think this flies in the face of the commission's ability to do its work, and i think we
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should send him a note to that fact -- a fact. -- to that effect. president fong: any other comments or questions? commissioner antonini: just in regard to commissioner sugaya's comments, you have to bear in mind that what is in newspapers are often taken out of context. and we may not always agree on things. >> i appreciate that comment responding, but we do not want to respond because we cannot have discussion. yes -- ok, with that, we can
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move on to announcements. >> there are two reports in today's packet. one will have a hearing on sure the in the housing inventory, but the second is the commerce and industry report, which we are happy to follow up with if you do have data. it does have wages and businesses and sell want for both public and private entities. we are a little behind on that. we're working on the report for 2011. secondly, i want to call your attention to a community meeting regarding the legitimization program in the eastern neighborhoods. as you recall, you reviewed legislation to extend the
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deadline for that -- that legitimization until the fall, as i recall. on may 23rd, next wednesday from 6:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., we agreed to meet to talk about that program and how business owners or property owners can take advantage of that legitimization program as well. i think that is the end of my report. unless there are questions. commissioner antonini: i appreciated the commerce and industry report. and as director ram said, it is impossible not to have a little bit of a lag, but there are some different things in there now as was the case. employment in general is probably a lot more optimistic that it was in 2010. >> good afternoon, on --
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commissioners. i'm here to give you your weekly report on the board of supervisors. there was nothing at the land use committee this week. the board of supervisors did have a lengthy meeting to make up for it. they had final readings on a couple of ordinance says that you previously considered. the first was an ordinance from supervisor mar that will allow a 5 ft. increased for certain active use is in the richmond district. you heard this ordinance on february 6th and your recommendations were incorporated into the ordinance and it did pass this week. similarly, articles 10 and 11 now sponsored by supervisor wiener and olague passed on final reading at the board of supervisors. this is the historic preservation commission into the planning for early and incorporating into this body. it has now been adopted by the board of supervisors.
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there was an appeal for the conditional use authorization for 8 washington, as well as a ceqa appeal for this project. this is a proposal to demolish a gateway existing club and put in a new health club and residential buildings. two to 12 stories with about 130 four dwelling units and ground- floor retail. these two appeals were combined to save time. nonetheless, the hearing ran past 1230 a and the primary concerns vary from the lack of recreational facilities and parking impacts to financial considerations, such as what are the public benefits, including those for affordable housing and are they sufficient. urban design and flow on the waterfront were also questioned. the district supervisor and
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board president chiu led the questioning. the supervisors felt the puc and cu were being authorized and he felt that this was reflecting a high increase that had not been addressed. this was due in part to the timing of the appeals. whereas this commission typically considers things first required by law, then the policy document and the general plan, and then on to the zoning map and finally, entitlements. at the last hearing, this was different for the board because of the appeal. the only considered ceqa first and then entitlements. the height reclassification will return to the board in june, as will the development agreement and on tuesday, after most of the discussion, the first discussion by president chiu was to table the eir.
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the eir was then certified 8-3. next there was a motion by seau to eight -- to consider a continuation hearing. the last was an authorization of the cu vote and i did pass. -- it did pass. then there was administrative code to add limitations on eligibility, application deadlines, to add a timeline for the receipt of the report and to make various changes. this will be scheduled for you in the near term. and there were a couple of ordnances that were introduced and that we have been working with the mayor and staff on. the first is the transportation sustainability fee. i believe the director has provided you with a great deal
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and the second was the impact fee and the development out date. -- updates. that concludes my board report unless there are other questions. thank you. president fong: and the board of appeals did meet last night. one item before the commission was an appeal of the wireless permit for 156 27th ave. it is in the public right-of-way in front of that property. it is a permit issued by the department of public works and is in the public right of way. we do review those, in this case, because of what is on a good view street. we found that it was compatible and the board of appeals disagreed with that and actually denied a permit. they denied the wireless permit for that location. also, last night was that the president might garcia's last hearing.
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he has been on the board of appeals for seven years and prior to that, the ethics commission for two years. he has been serving since i have been on the board of appeals. he has been a consistent presence along with me and commissioner ssu cink appeared -- commissioner sir jacsuchenko. i found him to be very prepared and fastidious and funny as well. it has been a privilege to have him as a commissioner on the board of appeals. we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.
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>> good afternoon, president fong, members of the commission. i'm here to present this week's report at the present -- the historic preservation commission. on may 16th, a certificate of appropriateness to changes at the location that is part of the housing at laguna appeared along with the project sponsors, supervisor wiener spoke in support of the project. the vote was unanimous to approve the commission. also at this hearing, a delegation of the mining department. this delegation has lowered the
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cost and helped streamline projects that otherwise require a public hearing before h pc. at the conclusion of the hearing, they directed staff to further provide information on how to improve the review process and help reduce cost and time for project applicants. we intend to provide more information in early july. unless you have questions, that concludes my report. >> commissioners, we can move on to item no. 7 in the director's report. this is the 2011 housing inventory report. claxton afternoon, president fong, commissioners. i'm with the city wide policy planning section.
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i'm here to talk about the 2011 housing in a tory. this is an informational hearing and no action is required. i would like to remind the commissioners that over a month ago i was here to talk about how the city is sharing with regard to the 27 -- the allocae arena targets. the numbers come out of the housing inventory. new twosomes -- due to circumstances beyond our control, we present the report separately. in the future we will buy the book reports in a presentation. >> what is the housing
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inventory? >> is an annual report documenting changes. these changes include demolitions that take away units from the housing stock, and alterations. depending on how many units are added to the residential structures, conversions of commercial housing uses, and how many are removed through mergers of existing units, removal of the illegal units, or conversion of housing for commercial use. we will end up with a net gain or a net loss. a housing inventory also presents data in a format analysis. the housing and a jury has been consistent since 1967. the 2011 housing in an torrey is the 42nd in a series.
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we track new construction, demolitions and alterations, reporting on the annual net gain to the city's housing stock. this is on a citywide basis and also by zoning classification, by planning districts, and by building type appeared -- building type.
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appendices in housing amendatory contain lists of major housing projects in the pipeline. those that have been reviewed by the planning department, those that have been approved, and also projects that have been issued permits by dbi. the housing inventory also tracks housing production and planning areas. the in neuflize -- in-neuflize collected are also -- the in- lieu fees are tracked as well. one-third of the units that are tracked in san francisco our single family. the housing inventory uses the
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semiannual senses to come up with a baseline number for the city's housing stock. we're less able to track the housing stock by building type -- single-family, small multifamily structures, such as duplexes, and the larger buildings that are 20 units or more. in addition to counting sro units, a separate housing units also count mobile homes and artie's and vans and houseboats, which account for a number of units of this type. 418 new units were built for an expanded -- expansion of existing structures. this is just 12% of the 10-year annual average of 2300 units.
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65 units were merged or removed via legalization of legal units or conversion to commercial uses. 84 units were demolished. 50 two units were used for the -- 52 units were used for the partial demolition to make space for the 1400 unit plus project. in addition to the city's housing stock is two hundred 69 units. about 80% of these units are in multifamily units of 20 units or more. this chart shows we are at the lowest we've been since 1993, which was a couple of years live from that 1990-'91 recession